Terms of Sale for Musink Pro.

1. Definitions

  1. 'Devices' here refers to physical MIDI devices, virtual MIDI devices, and any software associated with processing and/or using and/or supporting MIDI data.
  2. 'Musink Ltd' and 'Musink Limited' refers to the New Zealand company "Musink Limited"
  3. 'Blacklisted' refers to the deactivation of your account and/or software by Musink Limited for alleged breaches of this agreement or sub-agreements.
  4. 'Product key' refers to a string of characters and numbers used to unlock and/or register this software
  5. 'Musink' and 'Musink Pro' refer to the software (and of its components) that you are downloading
  6. Additional definitions used in this document can be found in the End User License Agreement (EULA), which can be downloaded from the Musink website (https://musink.net).

2. What you are purchasing

2a. General Rights

Each "purchase" of Musink grants you a single license to use Musink Pro on a single computer.

A purchase of Musink does not grant you rights to the source code, intellectual property, or the any part or copy of program 'in itself'. To use this software you must agree to be bound by its EULA.

You understand that allowing this software to be installed on multiple computers, or otherwise installed multiple times, may result in blacklisting, without refund. If you wish to transfer this software between computers, you must first contact Musink Limited. We will be happy to help.

2b. Updates

Purchase of Musink gives you the rights to update Musink, through its update facility, within the same 'Major' version of Musink. Whether an update changes the 'Major' version is defined by the first number in the full-stop-delimited version string. For example, if you purchased Musink Pro version, you would be eligible for compatible updates up to and including, but not versions and higher. Musink Limited alone decides when and whether to provide updates, and the associated version numbers associated with those updates.

The right to update Musink is rendered void if your account has been blacklisted.

3. Payment, Activation & User ID

Payment must be made in full by you, then confirmed and received by Musink Ltd before we will release, to you, a link to download Musink Pro, as well as any other information (such as a User ID) you require to access that download. Musink Ltd and the Musink software may store and use this information, as well as transaction information and any other information supplied by you (for example, to let you log into the site or update Musink). This information will never be sold or shown to any third party by Musink Ltd. In addition, you agree to never share your password or UserID with any third parties, and take reasonable steps to keep it private.

Accidental partial or over payments must be fixed by first contacting Musink Ltd directly within 30 days of the payment date.

Musink Limited believes that pirated software drives up software prices. To help keep Musink's prices low, Musink contains anti-piracy checks. You understand that Musink must be activated (registered) in order to function, and you agree to activate Musink once it is installed. Musink may periodically use your internet connection to check its activation is legitimate. Your copy of Musink may deactivate irreversably if Musink Limited believes that it is a pirated copy; has an invalid, cancelled, or blacklisted product key; or has a product key that has been used multiple times. If you have any difficulties with activation, contact Musink directly, and we will be happy to help.

4. System Requirements, Devices, and Refunds

4a. System Requirements

Musink has minimum system requirements that must be met for it to run smoothly. These must be checked before purchasing Musink. You acknowledge that these system requirements may not be sufficient to run Musink in some situations, such as when other programs are using large amounts of memory or have high CPU use. Most modern PCs meet these requirements. If you are uncertain with regards to these, you should contact Musink Ltd before making a purchase.

4b. MIDI Devices

Musink can only work with functional MIDI devices, in a suitable Windows environment. If you are intending to use Musink with MIDI devices, you should, prior to purchase, first check that those devices, leads, and your audio drivers are functional, compatible, and have acceptable performance. When making such checks, ensure that MIDI In-to-Out delays are acceptable. One method to do so is to send data to and from your devices using a 3rd party diagnostic tool, such as MIDI-Ox. Musink is expected by Musink Ltd to work with MIDI devices in most situations, but due to the number of variables and complexity of some setups, cannot be guaranteed to work in all situations. If you have any doubts as to the compatibility or performance of your devices, you should contact Musink Ltd before making a purchase.

4c. Refunds

As electronic goods cannot be returned, and there are difficulties in proving whether a download was ever initiated or completed, Musink Ltd will NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS once a transaction has taken place. Please ensure that you understand what Musink is, does, requires, and is capable of, before making a purchase. If you wish to query a purchase or the program does not function as expected, you must first contact Musink Ltd for resolution. We will be happy to help.

5. Additional agreements

You agree to be bound by the Musink Pro EULA appropriate to the version of Musink you are downloading, and its sublicenses. These agreements can be downloaded from the Musink website (https://musink.net).

You understand that alleged breaches of this agreement or its sub-agreements may result blacklisting at Musink Ltd's discretion.