There are a number of ways you can help Musink become a success. If Musink has helped you compose, create, and publish, why not be part of its success?

Help me by helping yourself

Software development costs a considerable amount of time and money. The best way for you to help is to also help yourself by buying Musink Pro. Funds from Musink Pro sales help keep the lights on and keep development rolling. Without Musink Pro users, this operation would not be sustainable and our favourite music composition software would vanish.

In the past, some free-software proponents have felt they would like to donate instead. If this sounds like you, throw me an email and I can provide PayPal or Bitcoin information.

Send your work in

If you have used Musink to create music that you are proud of, email the files to us along with the Musink Project file at contact [at] musink dot net. If they are of high enough quality, we will post them on this website for others to see!

Spread the word

Help your friends out by telling them about Musink via Email or on Facebook, Twitter, or other Social Sites. If you write a blog, check out our press section for logos, information and press releases you can copy-and-paste.


Musink is continually improved through suggestions and feature requests. If you have an idea about a new feature or how something could be improved, let us know.


Fancy writing a tutorial for the help wiki or enjoy creating video tutorials? Editing access and logos are available on request. If you have created a tutorial on your own website, let us know so we can provide a link for the Musink community. Remember that you can get hold of logos and other information on our press page.


Musink and the help documentation will eventually be translated into languages other than English. This is not underway yet, but if you'd like to help with translation into another language in the future, please send an email to contact [at] musink dot net.