Musink Pro

Musink Lite is fantastic free notation software. Musink Pro goes further, with features over and above those of Musink Lite. Here is an overview of its major feature set.

MIDI Input

MIDI Import

Musink Pro imports MIDI files into your score. With advanced functions to find triplets, automatic time signature placement, and adjustable quantisation you can import files more accurately than ever before. You can also import selected parts of a MIDI file: just the bassoon part, for example, or everything except the piano.

Dual-Mode MIDI Step-Entry

MIDI Step-Entry lets you hit any note on your connected MIDI Keyboard (or other MIDI device) to enter notes directly into the score. Place your mouse where you'd like a note, and hit a key. Continue pressing keys to enter a series of notes.

Step entry automatically detects whether you are playing individual notes or chords. It can be left on in the background, so you don't need to repeatedly turn it on and off as you swap from MIDI keyboard to mouse and computer keyboard.

Live MIDI Recording

Record live from your MIDI keyboard, MIDI drum kit, or other MIDI device straight to your score. Recording functionality includes:

  • Delay compensation
  • Advanced adjustable quantisation
  • Adjustable triplet seeking
  • Transposition adjustment
  • Customisable percussion entry
Musink Pro screenshot Selecting a MIDI Device to use for input MIDI tools available in Musink Pro Calibrating for delay on a MIDI device

MIDI Playback

Play As You Write

Musink Pro plays back notes as you add and edit them in your score, providing you with instant insight into your composition.

Playback Loops

Musink Pro lets you play back sections of your score as a loop. That is, you can play a selected group of bars on loop, for as long as you wish, even if there are no repeat marks in your score. This can be great for practising, learning a piece, or when you're just a little stuck while composing.

Other features

Musink Pro contains other features for MIDI playback, including a customisable metronome, auto transposition, middle-c adjustment, and voice muting.

Musink Pro Screenshot playback with metronome Pro Options Window Within-Score MIDI Volume Mark

Template Editor

The Musink Pro Template Editor is a professional page-layout editor that lets you create and edit Musink templates. You can use these templates in Musink to define how your score looks when published to PDF.

Create From Scratch Or Edit

With the Musink Pro Template Editor you can create your own templates completely from scratch, or copy-and-edit templates that come shipped with Musink. If you always liked the standard template, but wished the title was a little smaller, or page a little wider, you can go ahead and change it in seconds.

Page Basics

Even, Odd and Title pages can be styled differently. Each can have its own:

  • Page dimensions, whether tiny or large-poster sizes
  • Margins, including guttering and 'from text' margins
  • Fields (Titles)
  • Music placement and spacing


Template Fields (titles), such as Composer and Arranger can be freely placed on any page. You are able to modify and create your own custom fields, define default text, set font size, and perform many other tasks with ease. To move a field, just drag it on the page, or use the align functions to centre it with respect to margins, the page, or other fields.

chopin script font preview

One of the many fonts that ship with Musink Pro

Music Placement and Modification

Musink automatically determines where to put music on a page, based on the position of your fields and margins.

If you like, you can specify a page type to contain no music at all. For example, excluding music from odd pages could provide blank pages for students' handwritten notes.

Note Size and Spacing

The template editor allows you to set the spacing between staves, rows of music, and project sections. Notation size can be set, letting you publish condensed professional conductors scores, or scores that are clearly readable for children.

Saveable, Shareable, Searchable

Musink automatically tags your templates based on their size, shape, and content. When publishing, you can search for appropriate templates by name, or by tags such as landscape and large note size.

Templates can be exported from Musink Pro, and imported into any version of Musink. You can thus share templates with colleagues, or with friends across the internet.

Musink Pro Template Editor Preview of template Template Editor Screenshot of Units


Musink Pro sports a variety of additional functions that speed composition and power-up publishing to PDF. These include:

  • Ability to rename and reorder project sections
  • One-click grand (piano) staves
  • Guide-note appearance options
  • Include/exclude page types (e.g. no title page)

Feature requests from Musink Pro users are also prioritised over those from Musink Lite users, and Musink Pro users receive priority email support

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