About Musink

What, Why?

Musink is a software package for creating sheet music and MIDI files quickly.

Musink is the result of 10 years of frustration with existing software. Like others, I found that preselecting note durations and having to manually lay-out music resulted in a lot of wasted time. In addition, music written for multiple voices (drums, piano, choirs etc) was often almost illegible, and most software was only set up for full-page scores.


In 2010 I developed a pain disorder which left me physically disabled, and unable to use my arms, for a period of two years. I was too sick to work, play my instruments, or, at its peak, even leave the house. Two years and 35,000 lines of code later I walked out with what I believe is the world's fastest way to write music. You can read the full story here.


Musink was written by me, Lee Reid. I am a Kiwi from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. You can contact me here.

By training I am, I suppose, a Neuroscientist. I hold a PhD in Bioinformatics/Medical Imaging and pre-doctoral degrees in Physiology and Medical Science.

When I began creating Musink, I knew next to nothing about programming. A lot has changed: more than a decade on, I've built a variety of serious applications and data analysis pipelines, including a clinical tool for planning brain surgery. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find most of my research on Google Scholar or Orcid, and a bit more about me on LinkedIn.

On a personal level, there is little in my life more important to me than music and the ocean.