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Write Sheet Music for Drums, Fast.

Finally, music-composition software designed with drummers in mind.

Score out exercise books, drum charts, and MIDI files with revolutionary software that takes care of the hard work for you.

Musink Lite is a free download. Musink Pro boasts super-charged features for professional results.

Drum Music Easily, Quickly.

Just click where you would like a note and let Musink do the thinking. Simple.

Say goodbye to grids and old-fashioned tools that make you rewrite half a bar just to change a single note.

Drum Notation Software Made Simple

Looking for something easy to use? Musink notation editor has a simple point-and-click interface. Clicking on the score directly takes care of 95% of the job. When you want more complex music notation, Musink makes it easy to find what you need and walks you through the process of adding it to your score.

Extensive Tutorials and Help Documentation

Ten minutes of instruction can make a world of difference; 30 minutes will make you an expert. When you install Musink, you'll be linked to our online help documentation that contains walk-through tutorials, and explanations on everything you can click in the program. It even has example drum-score projects you can download and edit.

Musink Pro
Musink Pro

Renowned Personalised Support

Need guidance to get started or do something new? Musink Pro subscriptions give you direct access to the person who invented the notation software. He's a drummer too! Musink Pro customer service is renowned for quick responses and personalised help when you need it. Sceptical? Check out our reviews on TrustPilot for yourself.

Leverage playback tools you love

Musink integrates into your existing MIDI set up and works with the tools you've already come to love
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Playback through your drum brain or VST host

How your music sounds is important. Regain control: Musink will play back your score through any compatible MIDI device.

Want to use a VST Host? No problem. Your Roland drum module? Of course.

New to all of this? Don't worry, Musink will play just fine on your system without you needing to set up a thing.

Musink Pro
Musink Pro

Import and Export MIDI

What's the fastest way to notate Led Zeppelin? Import it.

Musink Pro converts MIDI files into sheet music, giving you a leg up.

MIDI input illustration with Musink Logo.
Musink Pro
Musink Pro

Enter notes using your electric kit

Musink Pro listens to any connected MIDI device - such as a keyboard - for note entry.

Notes can be entered one at a time or with real-time recording in a single voice (such as hats + cymbals or snare + bass drum).

The #1
music maker
for drums

This isn't another tool solely for orchestral scores that has you throwing your sticks at the screen. Musink was designed from the ground up with you in mind.

Musink Pro is not like anything you've used before and critical for drum exercise books. Join thousands of drummers who have made their lives easier by switching to Musink.

Rapid Note Entry

Use Musink's unique system to stop wasting time writing note durations that mean nothing to your snare drum.

Drum layout rules

Percussion has its own notation conventions. Musink gets that.

Symbols Galore

Whether you're after HOH, sticking, buzz rolls, flams, or ghost notes, Musink has you covered with a single click.

Easy Voices

Write voices across several staves, and have them merge during publishing to PDF.

Great Drum Charts, Like Magic

Stop wasting time fiddling with fonts and page margins. With Musink, you focus on writing music.

Score out sticking exercises, song transcriptions, and entire exercise books with a tool designed for the job. Musink automatically arranges your music on the page and generally make sure everything looks great.

In seconds, Musink can convert the entire look and format of your composition, including into formal print-ready PDFs and fun web-ready images for your website.

Click the images below to see example PDFs automatically created by Musink

Drum Exercises

Example pdf created with Musink notation software. Drum exercises

Piano Sonata

Example pdf created with Musink notation software. Classical Music.

Für Elise

Example pdf created with Musink notation software. Drum exercises

Jazz Group

Example pdf created with Musink notation software. Jazz Music.

Mozart Theme

Example pdf created with Musink notation software. Classical Music.

Musink Pro is just... better

Musink Pro is packed with features that enhance your productivity, creativity, and enjoyment

Your time is valuable

Musink Pro is full of enhancements that save you hours of time and let you focus on writing

Automagic Setup

Just type the name of your instruments. Musink Pro will set up your project with the correct clefs and MIDI settings so you can get started straight away.

Legendary Support

Need advice? Unsure on how to do something? Musink Pro users have dedicated email support. Responses are typically within one business day.

Best for exercise books

Rename and reorder your sections, exercises, movements, and so on at the drop of a hat. This keeps managing larger projects simple.

MIDI in, MIDI out

Musink Pro accepts MIDI input and has better playback abilities

Listen as you write

You don't play without listening, so don't compose in silence. Musink Pro plays back notes as you add and drag them on the score, giving you instant feedback.

Import MIDI

Don't manually notate a score if you can just import it. Musink converts MIDI files into notation you can edit and print.

Loop your playback

Play portions of your score on loop, for as long as you wish, even if there are no repeat marks. This can be great for practising, learning, or when you're just a little stuck while composing.

Plug in your electric kit

Enter notes either one-at-a time or by recording directly into Musink from any standard MIDI device. (Note that at present Musink Pro only records live input into one stave and voice at a time).

Customisable metronome

Play back your music with a click track at a variety of intervals and volume settings.

Mute voices in a click

Need to focus on a particular instrument? Independently mute each voice with one click, or manually set volume and velocity of each stave by typing simple instructions.

Tune up, tune down

Do you expect your trumpet to sound a Bb when you wrote a C? Want to quickly drop everything two octaves? Musink Pro lets you retune each instrument up or down without affecting how notation appears when printed.


Directly input raw MIDI instructions into scores for ultimate control over playback, without affecting how your score appears as a PDF.

Middle-C Adjustment

This one's a bit technical. Musink lets you easily move Middle-C to ensure playback is compatible with all your MIDI devices.

Deeply Customisable PDF Creation

Musink Pro has a super-charged publish-to-PDF system that automatically lays your page of drum music.
If you're looking to publish for real, Pro is the tool for you.

Template Editor

Musink's page templates define how your work will look as a PDF. These place titles, set fonts, and space your music. Re-use them across projects to keep the look of your compositions consistent - and changeable in seconds.

Use Musink Pro's template editor to customise templates or build your own. Create a look that matches your project's unique style and feel.

Musink Lite ships with a limited number of templates and does not offer customisation.

Customise on the fly

Use your page templates more flexibly by changing layout logic or leaving blank pages for your students to leave handwritten notes.


Musink Pro can clean up your score during PDF creation, creating scores that are tidier or easier to read for groups and conductors.

Export Templates

Share your page templates with others - or your other computer - to get consistent PDF styling across your projects

Plans & Pricing

Pick the plan that works best for you.
🎉🎉 BLACK FRIDAY SALE🎉🎉 🎉Use the code BLACKFRIDAY22 at checkout & get Musink Pro for 99c per month🎉
🎉for the first 3 months of your monthly subscription.🎉
Some T&Cs apply

Musink Lite

Free download.
1 installation
Updates are limited to bug fixes
Fundamental Musink Functionality
Richer MIDI features
Powerful layout editor
Priority email support
Offline use
Choose Lite

Musink Pro Subscription

Professional Musink Functionality
NZD month. No lock-in period.
2 installations, one user at a time*
All updates included, forever
Richer MIDI features
Powerful layout editor
Priority Email Support
Up to 48 hours offline use at a time*
Choose Pro

Musink Pro Eternal License

Professional Musink Functionality
One-off payment. Use forever.
1 installation per license*
Updates within a major version
Richer MIDI features
Powerful layout editor
Priority Email Support
Up to 30 days offline use at a time*
Choose Pro


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